Frequently asked Questions

How do I submit a service request and make rental payments without coming into the office?

Your tenant portal is where you can submit a service request and make your monthly rental payments. It’s also the best way to ensure your maintenance requests are received and your rental payments are posted in a timely manner.

I work every day; can you schedule my repairs for me?

MRE does not schedule maintenance appointments. You will receive a notification email with the vendor’s contact information. The assigned vendor will contact you first to schedule the repair, but if you need to discuss scheduling or reschedule an appointment
you are able to do so with little or no delay.

What do I need to do to add a roommate to the lease?

Any persons that you wish to add to the lease must complete an application and meet some of the same requirements just as the original occupants. Once approved, a new lease agreement will be prepared to include the new tenant.

To remove an occupant from the lease agreement, please contact our office for assistance or refer to your lease documents for removal of co-signers.

What do we need to do if we would like to have a pet?

Prior to getting a pet it is important that you contact our office to make sure the owner accepts pets. If so, please allow the owner time to decide the amount of the pet fee. Once this is complete you will be required to submit photos of the pet, pay the full pet fee which will be charged to your account, and sign a pet agreement. Not all owners permit pets so make sure before signing a lease to home that does not permit pets that you are sure you have no desire to own a pet while occupying the property.

How does MRE address maintenance issues?

All maintenance requests must be submitted in writing through your online tenant portal. Tenants should be contacted by the assigned contractor within 72 hours for non- emergency requests. Non-emergency repairs are scheduled between 9-5pm unless other arrangements have been made with the tenant and contractor. Please be advised that owners consider issues of safety and health to be priority and not all maintenance requests will be fulfilled. For emergency requests MRE has an after-hours maintenance system in place to provide tenants with prompt service even when our office is closed.

How do I submit my notice to vacate?

Click the link located on the tenant page for 30 or 60-day notice to vacate forms. Email completed forms to Once our office receives your notice you will receive a confirmation of receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact our office to check on the delivery. If you submit notice over the weekend you will not receive confirmation until the next business day.

The date we receive your notice is the date the 30-days begins. For example, if your lease expires June 30th, but our office doesn’t receive your notice to vacate until June 12th, your vacancy date will be July 12th, and you will be responsible for the property,
including rent, through this date.

What happens if I must break my lease agreement?

By no means do we recommend any tenant break a lease agreement as it can be costly both financially and credit wise. Please consult with management when faced with the dilemma of breaking your lease agreement.

Will the owner raise my rent after the first 12 months of my lease?

Unfortunately, management is not able to determine whether the property owner will increase rents after the first lease term has expired. We can to tell you that rent increases are often due to the increase of property taxes, insurance, or association dues to owners. Additional factors are based on market rents in the subdivision or repair expenses incurred to the owner during the occupancy period.