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When will I know if I am approved or denied?

Processing an application usually takes about 3 business days. Employment and rental verifications often take the most time so be prepared to assist our office with obtaining the required verifications. We will communicate with you throughout the entire process and you will be notified of your approval via email. Typically, you will be notified of an automatic denial within a day or two of processing. You can a review a list of our automatic denials by reviewing our rental criteria.

I get paid in cash. Will this be an acceptable form of income?

No. Income must be verifiable (paystubs required, and we will verify the place of
employment) to meet 3x’s the rent amount. See our rental criteria for what you need if you are self-employed.

I am currently at a property can someone come out now to show me the property?

No. All agent required showings must be scheduled with a licensed agent.

Can someone meet me at the property with the keys on my move-in date?

Unless, you are a priority move-in, all keys must be retrieved at our office during normal business hours. For additional information about our priority move-in services please contact our office.

Once I am approved for move-in, when should I submit the first month’s rental payment and/or pet deposit? Can I pay my deposit in installments?

Upon approval tenants must submit the security deposit in certified funds no later than 2 business days. On the date of move-in, tenants must have the full first month’s rent and if applicable full pet deposit payable in certified funds. The rental payment should be separate from the pet deposit. Payments cannot be made in installments.

I have a busy schedule. What other options are there to signing the lease agreement?

In the event your schedule does not allow much time to have an in-house lease signing, the best option would be signing electronically. The lease would be delivered to all parties via email. When signing electronically, it important that all parties take a day to review the content to which they are signing since it is a legal binding agreement. If you are a first-time renter, it is recommended that you do an in-house lease signing to avoid
any misunderstandings.

I am moving from out of town and need a place to reside upon my immediate arrival. Does MRE accommodate “sight unseen” clients?

Pictures are an excellent marketing tool, but we have experienced that tenants all too often feel that pictures don’t quite measure up to viewing a property in person. We do require that someone whose opinion you value views the property on your behalf. Once the lease is signed you are obligated to fulfill the full terms of the lease agreement.

What if I want to make changes to the property that I am moving into?

It is important that all requests are addressed before the application fee is paid. Approval to make changes vary according to the owner of the property. Any property listed is considered “as is” so it is important that you are happy with the appearance of the property before paying an application fee or entering into a lease agreement.

What does MRE check for when approving prospective tenants for rental properties?

When screening applications, MRE checks the applicant’s criminal background, rental history, employment, income, credit, as well as search for any breach of prior lease agreements. For more details on applicant screening please view our rental criteria.

How long will it take for me to move-in to my new residence?

Typically, the move-in date is a week after the security deposit is received unless
otherwise discussed with management. Need to move quickly? Contact our office to find out how we can accommodate a short notice move-in.

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